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Here we are with another game.
This time you will face evil Amigans Empire and their treacherous leader Great Miner as Captain Tramiel - brave and cunning commodore of Atarenium Falcon. Prototype space vessel with built-in powerful processing unit - Atari Falcon powered by eco pea-coal.
Well... at least you will try to reclaim as much coal as you can get.  Coal, that was stolen from Atari Tribe by the Amigans....

Here's what you know....
"Captain Tramiel, our planet was attacked by treacherous Great Miner and his race of Amigans. Almost all coal supplies for our Atari are gone. Renton - Minister of Mining is reporting that natural coal deposits are almost depleted and most of our miners fell to a strange disease and must remain qurantined. There is nobody left to work in mines. If we run out of coal for our Ataris we face the apocalypse of punch out tickets. Scouting ROBBOts we sent out into space did not return. We need your help Captain Tramiel. You have to go to Amigans Space Sector (ASS), retrieve any surviving ROBBOts and reclaim our coal supplies.
Beware of their secret weapon - 16bit processing power, 32-color graphics and 4-channel sound. Don't let them foul you.
We are giving you masterpiece of our space engineery. Our newest spacecraft named ATARENIUM FALCON. Fully automated. The core of the craft is Atari Falcon running on highly efficient eco pea-coal. It is also equipped with external automated arm. This is prototype experimental.
Now GO!

One more thing Captain... While you traverse enemy territory try to collect as many capacitors as you can so the Amigans cant replace leaking ones in their Amigas. Let electrolyte eat out their PCBs. HAR! HAR! HAR!"

This is a DEMO. Final release to follow... when it's done.

Game was first released on DECRUNCH 2020 demoparty in Wroclaw, Poland as entry to gamedev compoon 01.08.2020 and won 2nd score.

M - disable music
arrows - control Falcon
Enter - confirm
or use joystick

We hope you enjoy it.

Install instructions

unpack on your Amiga HDD and run.


falcon_20_7_30v3_DECRUNCH_ENTRY.zip 204 kB