Aminer - new build uploaded

Good evening,

We've uploaded new build for Aminer. Both adf and HD version.

Whats new?
Mining plans are finaly working, couple of technical bugs fixes (game crashed when no FAST memory present, now fixed)

See you soon with next updates Comrades.

LMC Team


aminer_19_8_7.adf 880 kB
Aug 07, 2019 250 kB
Aug 07, 2019

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Thanks for feedback!

Compatibility with Vampire is kinda tricky for us since we don't have such hardware, but we have some Ideas why this isn't working for you.

I assume that you're running the game from Coffin OS by extracting the zip. Could you try to run it by booting from floppy drive witch caches disabled in early startup menu? Also, we'll be glad for a feedback if it worked or not - it will allow us to narrow our search for this bug.

Any recommendations for running on a Vampire A600?   Vampire recognizes it as OCS/ECS and attempts to run in that mode, but it is just black.   Do I need some startup info in the launch icon?