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GreetingZ fellow Amigans,

Here we are with our second production. It's rather short, mostly multiplayer party game called GermZ. 

You take control of one of four GermZ species and your purpose of the game is to kill all other GermZ. Simple as that.

This is first public build of the game. Next one we hope will be the last containing finished game as there is only few things to add. (that was wishful thinking that failed miserably. Of course.)

Game will feature (final version):
- single player campaign mode
- multiplayer game on 1 Amiga up to 4 players using joy1, joy2, WSAD, arrows controls
- several maps to choose from
- special cells with features expanding your tactics
- in-game editor for creating own maps and campaigns

Game controls
Control your GermZ with:
Joystick 1-4 through respective ports

How to play instructions included in the game.

Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM

This game is first released as demo version on RETRONIZACJA 3.9 - polish retro multiplatform party (except Atari) starting 25.04.2020 on the Internet near you :)

Install instructions

Unpack the game into any drawer on your Amiga and have fun.


GermZ ver. 21.5.31 146 kB

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