GermZ infecting!

Fellow Amigans!

Here we are with our second game release.
Enjoy campaign with ending that is as much expected as Spanish Inquisition :)
or just fight with your friends in battles to take control over the territory and be the last GermZ standing.

You are a Designer!
Yes, we've included in-game editor in which you can make own maps.
Multiplayer maps are automatically saved to proper drawer. If you want to add maps to campaign or create your own, just move them into Campaign drawer and remember to name them correctly (c01...c99, file names need to be continuous)

and of course share your maps with us. There is very high chance we will also include them in upcoming physical release of the game.

Like us on Facebook and leave some feedback on Discord

and most of all.... Enjoy the game :)


GermZ ADF image 880 kB
May 02, 2022
GermZ LHA archive 262 kB
May 02, 2022

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Awesome game!


what a great news. I will see, if I can design some game. 

Wish you and your projects the Best

Best Regards : )